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Other Local Calendars

Other Local Calendars

Our goal at the Santa Cruz Community Calendar is to provide ways for you to find and connect with the widest variety of activities and events in our region.

We encourage as many groups as possible to join the Community Calendar and post their happenings directly (Join the Calendar). By listing their activities alongside others, a group can gain visibility by being discovered by people who otherwise might not know about it.

At the same time, many active groups provide their own excellent calendars, so sometimes the best support we can give is to link you directly to them. We've started (June, 2023) to add links here to our fellow local calendars.

Andy Carman has developed Environteers into the main place to look if you want to volunteer for the environment. Over 100 environmental advocacy, educational, and restoration groups are listed at But the best way to hear from Environteers is to sign up for the weekly update email at (shortened link). BIG NEWS: Environteers and the Community Calendar are teaming up to expand our audiences. To learn more, check this podcast from a recent radio show with Andy and Bruce at KSQD: KSQD Interview
KSQD Community Radio
The mission of Natural Bridges Media/KSQD is to build community through quality broadcasts, podcasts, training programs and community events. The station celebrates the uniqueness of our region through news, arts, and culturally diverse programming. Regular Schedule
Kuumbwa Jazz Center
Kuumbwa Jazz provides opportunities for residents and visitors in the Santa Cruz area to enjoy and appreciate the full spectrum of jazz music through live performance and education. The Jazz Center presents extraordinary regional, national, and international musicians, and provide educational programs for people of all ages. Check the latest at: Upcoming Shows. A great way to know who's playing is to sign up for Kuumbwa's email list at Mailing List.