The Santa Cruz Community Calendar

Santa Cruz County, California

Community Calendar 2.0

The Santa Cruz Community Calendar has been updated!

The software powering the Calendar has been over-hauled to improve performance and enable more services for our community.

What's already better, with more on the way:

  • Faster
  • More versatile to handle new forms of online events
  • All screen sizes
  • Details: better display of event details such as sponsor info, whether and how to RSVP, physical and online accessibility
  • Get Involved: a Directory of member organizations, with their missions, types of activities, contacts, and opportunities for you to get involved
  • More Groups: As the new Calendar rolls out, we are recruiting more groups to list their activities
  • Continuity and Connection: easily see and move between scheduled events such as classes, radio shows, public meetings

Promote Your Activities!

The Calendar's purpose is to expand opportunties for connections in our community, by helping local groups and agencies publicize their activities. For you as an event organizer, the new Calendar has:

  • Fast posting, so a simple What-When-Where listing can be added to the Calendar with minimal steps
  • Easy addition of details, such as RSVP contacts, long video-conference links, sponsor info, and accessibility provisions
  • Promotion: expanded ability to send out notices of your event directly from the Calendar to social media and email lists
  • Flexibility, to handle differing types of listings, including online activities
  • Series: improved multi-date listings, such as regular meetings, classes, serial performances, and similar scheduled activities
  • Documents - Coming soon: add downloadable flyers, reading materials, meeting agendas


  • Event organizers can send out their events as emails or social media posts directly from the Calendar with no re-typing or formatting needed.
  • The Calendar easily handles events in series, such as regular group meetings and classes. In the public view of the Calendar, each event in a series is linked to the next and previous ones, and the whole schedule can be viewed at once.
  • The public Calendar now displays upcoming events in a vertical lineup spanning from the current day to the end of the next week. The traditional calendar format follows, covering the next three months.
  • The "Add to my Calendar" link on each event will be expanded soon to better handle more types of calendars.
  • When an event is posted, a small file encompassing its data is also saved, in a standard format that other computers can access, allowing other websites and apps to feature events from our Calendar.
  • Event organizers may post an "Event Hold" to mark a time slot they're considering, letting other organizers avoid overlapping events that might draw the same audiences; event holds don't show on the public Calendar.