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Santa Cruz County, California

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Forest Protection Forum 6

Opening: 5:00 PM
Main Event: 5:00 PM
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Where does your water come from—and is it safe? How does forest management affect the quality of our water and the health of humans and the living organisms that make up the watersheds ecosystem?

Join us Thursday, May 30 at 5pm for a webinar with Chuck Willer and Dr. Betsy Herbert, hosted by the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club's Forest Team. Learn how timber practices, land ownership, and watershed mismanagement are harming drinking water, why regulatory agencies are not currently protecting us, and what we can do about it—and how you can join the effort to protect Oregon's precious forest waters. REGISTER HERE: Link

Organizer: Forest Protection Forum

Event Location: online

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Admission: No Charge