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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Major Calendar Upgrade

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I'm very pleased to announce a major upgrade to the Community Calendar. I've spent the past several weeks revising the way the Calendar handles its data and displays events. These changes enable some additions and improvements that I've been wanting to make for years. Revising fifteen-year-old code is like remodeling an old house - each repair reveals another problem.But I've done it! I'm really happy with the changes, and I'm looking forward now to adding more ways for you to connect with groups and activities around the county.To finish this work, I need your help. You might know that I developed and maintain the Calendar, along with several local mailing lists and online groups, because I think it's crucial for us all to share and connect in our local community activities. I normally do this as my volunteer contribution, supporting myself doing freelance research and software development, as well as political campaigns during election season. But this Spring has been slow on the paid work side - so while I had the time to finally upgrade the Calendar software, now to make the Calendar really shine I could use some modest financial help. Please check out the Calendar at its new address - same as before but ending in ".net" ( and consider making a generous donation at Donate.Thanks!- Bruce Van AllenDeveloper, Santa Cruz Community CalendarP.S. If you're in a group wanting more ways to promote your activities, go to Join the Calendar.

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