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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Solve Climate Change Now

Opening: 12:00 PM
Main Event: 12:00 PM

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Don't despair about climate change, and don't wait for someone else to act! Every one of us can be a part of solving climate change - no matter our knowledge, resources, available time, or where we live. Learn about the wide variety of opportunities we each have in our daily activities and how to connect what you love to do with climate needs and ways to make a difference. Don Maruska: Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Climate Solver, and author of the new book Solve Climate Change Now: Do What You Love for a Healthy PlanetLaura Albers: Extensive experience in local nonprofit organizations and collaborative partnerships, currently the Program Manager of SLO Climate Coalition's ResilientSLO platform. Laura will lead an interactive discussion about how each of us can take action to help our climate - and how to have fun doing it.Register:

Organizer: SLO City

Event Location: online

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Admission: No Charge