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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

5 routes to a Healthy planet

Opening: 11:00 AM
Main Event: 11:00 AM
End Time: 1:00 PM

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Our regular ESGX Green Jobs Report, with: Dr. Fadhel Kaboub, Associate Professor of Economics at Denison University, and President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity Amir Khaleghi, PhD candidate in Economics, University of Missouri at Kansas City .... and of course your regular co-hosts Paul Herman (HIP Investor) and Nigel Lake (Pottinger). ​As always, this episode will be live and interactive, with a particular focus on practical actions that businesses, governments and individuals can take -- and the economic and ecological benefits. Register:

Sponsor: ESGX
Place: online

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Admission: No Charge