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Circle of Agaya and Ubuntu

Regular Meeting
Gather: 3:30 PM
Meeting Begins: 3:30 PM
Meeting Ends: 4:45 PM

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The Circle of Agaya & Ubuntu quarterly gatherings are a chance for Novasutras supporters to come together and co-create the future of the global Novasutras Movement (with an emphasis on our first local chapter here in Santa Cruz).

In Novasutras, we enact change through ecospiritual community. We reawaken our deepest connection with our living world to reclaim our joy, honor our pain, grow trusted relationships, and take meaningful action in service to all life. How can we bring forth an ecospiritual and ecoactivist movement for "Growing Our Power Together to Love and Serve All of Life"?

Novasutras' donors, and those who are active Novasutras volunteers (our Uplifters), are invited to our monthly chat sessions via Zoom. Learn more at

Sponsor: Novasutras

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Admission: Members Free
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