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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Our Downtown Canvassing

Opening: 9:30 AM
Main Event: 9:30 AM
End Time: 10:30 AM

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Our Downtown, Our Future started gathering signatures by canvassing neighborhoods last Saturday and we meet again Sat Jan 15. We will be there with scones and bagels until about 10.30 so drop by if you can. If you haven't canvassed before, you can get a brief orientation and pick up a packet to go out and canvass. If you came last week, you can turn in completed petitions, get new ones, and even choose a new precinct to canvass. We also have a number of regular tabling locations [], if you would like to gather signatures at one of the Farmers' Markets or local supermarkets. We also now kits available so that you can collect signatures using your own personal pandemic-cautionary practices with family and friends. To get a kit, either come to the London Nelson Center on Saturday or email">

Sponsor: Our Downtown Our Future
Place: deck at the back [west] of the Center, 301 Center Street (aka Louden Nelson)

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