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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Santa Cruz Works New Tech

Opening: 7:00 PM
Main Event: 7:00 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM

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SANTA CRUZ WORKS NEW TECH APRIL 2021 Spring is here! We have a fresh crop of companies presenting to you via Zoom. Hayley Mears with Monterey Bay Economic Partnership will kick off our event to let job seekers know about the many opportunities and resources now available. And then... Environmental Innovations - Brooke Wright will discuss programs that pay you to make your business and home more environmentally green. Gazelle - Ewoud van Leeuwen will explained why WIRED Magazine selected Gazelle as the best eBike in the universe. Confluent - Kyle Clark is building the foundational platform for data in motion so any organization can innovate and win in a digital-first world.

- Bert Wank develops a health diagnostics and control system for solar plants, that similar to combining an EKG and a pacemaker, improves efficiency and profitability. Orange Charger- Nicholas Johnson has a cost-effective electric vehicle charging solutions that manage payments for energy at multi-unit properties between drivers and owners. Saving Ocean Wildlife - Laura Kasa will talk to us about an important project to report injured marine animals.


Sponsor: Santa Cruz Works
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Admission: No Charge