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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Reel Work Labor Film: Adios Amor


Doors Open: 7:00 PM
Program Starts: 7:00 PM
End Time: 9:30 PM

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Sponsor: Reel Work Labor Film Festival
Place: Live Oak Grange
1900 17th Ave, Santa Cruz 95062
Accessibility: Wheelchair, Restrooms, Parking

ADIOS AMOR: The Search for María Moreno
The discovery of lost photographs sparked the search for a hero that history forgot—Maria Moreno, a migrant mother driven to speak out by her twelve children's hunger. She was the first farmworker woman in the U.S. to be hired as a union organizer years before César Chávez and Dolores Huerta launched the United Farm Workers. María picked up the only weapon she had—her voice—and became an outspoken leader in an era when women were relegated to the background.

Juan and Keyli are young and motivated immigrant workers facing the world of migrant work and immense injustices in the San Joaquin Valley. Tactics of exploitation and abuse are enacted upon a new generation of workers, however labor rights activist Luis Magaña's work sparks hope and instills courage

Speakers: Laurie Cole, filmmaker; Aria Zapata, filmmaker

Contact Information:
Contact: Jeffrey Smedberg
Phone: 831-469-9467
Admission: Optional/Requested
Cost: Voluntary contribution at the door
Use of funds: Cover Event Costs