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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Renter Rally


Doors Open: 4:30 PM
Program Starts: 4:30 PM
End Time: 6:30 PM

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Sponsor: Students United with Renters
Place: Trescony Park
398 Trescony St, Santa Cruz

Are you curious who's behind all the huge No on M signs around town? Have you wondered who the No on M campaign's biggest supporters are locally and otherwise?

Meet us at Trescony park, where we will be marching from to do a demonstration at one of the larger signs, at 1612 Mission St. We want to highlight Harry Dong, the owner of the building at 1612 Mission Street, who is a landlord and opponent of Measure M. He preys on desperate tenants to draw the highest possible rents he can. No on M has raised close to $750, 000 in cash and in-kind contributions to fight rent control here. Some contributions:

$10, 350 from 1010 Pacific Investors in Belmont, CA

$20, 800 from Selby Development Group in Menlo Park, CA

$48, 000 from Contra Costa Re Investors in Danville, CA

$175, 000 from the California Association of Realtors in Los Angeles, CA

$200, 000 from the National Association of Realtors in Chicago, IL

Don't let wealthy property owners and industry dictate Santa Cruz politics!

Contact Information:
Admission: No Charge